Facebook has paid out bug hunters more than $1 million in its ‘Bug Bounty’ program

In a Friday blog post, Facebook has revealed that it has paid out more than $1 million to security researchers who have discovered and reported vulnerabilities affecting the popular social networking site. The amount mentioned by Facebook has been paid out in the company's `Bug Bounty' program which it launched two years back.

ITC to give its final decision in Apple-Samsung patent-infringement case on August 9

In a disclosure which implies that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) apparently needs some more time to make a final decision in the Apple-Samsung patent-infringement lawsuit, the Commission said in a Thursday-evening note that it will deliver its decision on Friday, August 9.

According to the note, the ITC will likely complete its investigation - into Apple's accusations that Samsung has violated seven of its patents - by the end of next week.

Artificial human ear fabricated in lab

A complete ear can be grown from a patient's cells and this has been claimed by the US scientists.

A new development has now taken place in this field with a human-like ear grown from animal tissue.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have stated that the man-made ear has the flexibility of a real ear.

The researchers have also stated that people who have deformed ears at the outside will be helped by this step.

Samsung announces Evernote integration for its Wi-Fi-enabled WB250F SMART camera

In a Wednesday announcement, Samsung said that it has integrated the Evernote photo-syncing capability in its Wi-Fi-enabled WB250F SMART camera; thereby increasing the camera's wireless capabilities. Evernote is a popular note-taking and archiving platform which enables users to stay organized in the cloud.

Samsung's Evernote integration for its WB250F SMART camera marks the addition of a useful functionality for Evernote users who are looking for a seamless mechanism to quickly get the pictures clicked with the digital camera into the cloud.

GigaOM: More companies announce support for Google’s Chromecast streaming media stick

According to a GigaOM report, the overwhelming response to Google's newly-unveiled streaming media stick - the Chromecast TV dongle - has prompted a number of companies to announce support for the device.

Though the week-old Chromecast TV Dongle initially had support only for two major streaming video networks - Netflix and Google-owned YouTube -, the GigaOM report has revealed that companies which are planning to launch their own Chromecast apps include Vimeo and Redbox Instant service, which is a joint venture of Verizon and Outerwall.

BarEye mobile app expanded to five cities after successful trial run in Tallahassee, Fla.

A new mobile app called `BarEye' - which allows users to buy, send, and receive drinks on their iPhone or Android handset - has successfully completed a trial run in Tallahassee, Fla.; and is now being expanded to five new cities.

The BarEye app has been designed by New Orleans Saints football player and bar owner Jonathan Vilma, and his business partners Andrew Bennett and Richard S Hunter III. The app helps users avoid crowded bar lines, giving them the ability to order drinks - from their handset - for themselves, their Facebook friends, or other BarEye users.

Separated twins to celebrate first birthday today

A mother of twins who were conjoined at birth while preparing to celebrate their first birthday stated that she never thought that the twins will come this far.

An emergency surgery was needed by Rosie and Ruby Formosa, who were born joined at the abdomen and shared part of the intestine.

An operation was carried out to separate the twins who will celebrate their first birthday on Friday. The surgery was carried out at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital (Gosh) the day after they were born.

Anxiety makes UK spend millions every year

It has been stated that Britain is bearing a burden of £10billion a year due to stress, panic and anxiety related to modern-life.

The study stated that every year, anxiety disorders affected about eight million men, women and children, leading psychiatrists found. This costs the country £9.8billion.

Cost of treatment, obsessive compulsive disorder and lost productivity are all included in the figure. The most costly illness is dementia and it costs about £20billion a year and anxiety comes at fifth place.

AT&T to announce next big thing in wireless on July 16

Network provider AT&T has announced that it would introduce the world to its next big thing in wireless on July 16.

The mobile phone carrier sent out invites to the press, saying "Get ready for what's next in wireless" on next Tuesday, 16th of July.

AT&T promoted the scheduled event, or announcement, in the form of a teaser email to media persons, and refused to reveal any details about the event. However, a spokesperson said that it would not be an event similar to some recent launches of smartphone.

FTC’s amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act became effective July 1

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s amendments to the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) came into effect on Monday, July 1. The amendments underscore toughened regulations on online privacy for children; and will offer new protections amid the increasing use of mobile apps and social networks by the young people.

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